25.08. 2014

We extend our offer of services by performing spectral analysis of materials and hardness measuremen

Spectral analysis of the material (positive material identification) - determining the chemical composition of metal materials by non-destructive method using a portable XRF spectrometer InnovX Delta Professional. Delivery of the test report and the test procedure according to EN and ASTM standards.


The hardness measurement by ultrasonic method UCI - measuring performed by portable hardness tester MIC 10 (GE Inspection Technologies - formerly Krautkramer). The probe used with a load of 98N is suitable for measuring the hardness of the welds in the workshop conditions.

 Zpracování konečné dokumentace a pasportu

Final documentation and data books working-out

We will make the final documents or passport for the vessels produced and delivered:

  • according to EU Directive 87/404/EEC (Directive does) Simple pressure vessels (Government Regulation 20/2003 Coll.) use of technical regulations EN 286-1 to EN 286-4

  • according to EU Directive 97/23/EC (PED) Pressure Equipment (Government Regulation 26/2003 Coll.)
    use of technical regulations: CSN 69 0010, EN 13445, EN 13480, AD 2000 Merkblatt

  • outside the EU as a basis for assessing compliance

Accompanying technical documentation and passports are delivered in the Czech language or languages of the country for which the pressure equipment is designed.

Of course documentation is in German, English, Russian as well as in other languages.