25.08. 2014

We extend our offer of services by performing spectral analysis of materials and hardness measuremen

Spectral analysis of the material (positive material identification) - determining the chemical composition of metal materials by non-destructive method using a portable XRF spectrometer InnovX Delta Professional. Delivery of the test report and the test procedure according to EN and ASTM standards.


The hardness measurement by ultrasonic method UCI - measuring performed by portable hardness tester MIC 10 (GE Inspection Technologies - formerly Krautkramer). The probe used with a load of 98N is suitable for measuring the hardness of the welds in the workshop conditions.



Depending on your requirements we process technical documentation in the range of: 

  • strenght calculations
  • material design
  • Establishing NDT, etc.

Technical documentation processed by conventional standards (CSN 69 0010, EN 286, EN 13445, EN 13480, AD Merkblatt 2000).

Documentation supplied in accordance with current European legislation.