25.08. 2014

We extend our offer of services by performing spectral analysis of materials and hardness measuremen

Spectral analysis of the material (positive material identification) - determining the chemical composition of metal materials by non-destructive method using a portable XRF spectrometer InnovX Delta Professional. Delivery of the test report and the test procedure according to EN and ASTM standards.


The hardness measurement by ultrasonic method UCI - measuring performed by portable hardness tester MIC 10 (GE Inspection Technologies - formerly Krautkramer). The probe used with a load of 98N is suitable for measuring the hardness of the welds in the workshop conditions.

 Inspection activities

Inspection activities

We carry out inspections and expediting for well known companies:


almost since the establishment of our company we cooperate with Borsig Process Heat Exchanger GmbH, which is specialized in the supply of pressure vessels and heat exchangers for the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Last year we started to cooperate with another member of BORSIG group - Borsig Boiler Systems, which is a major supplier of boilers.

For members of BORSIG we provide all inspection activities and expediting in the area of Czech Republic and Poland. Alternatively, we are sent to suppliers around the world..


DOOSAN ŠKODA Power, s.r.o.

is part of Doosan Power Systems group, a leading supplier of products and services related to electricity production.

We participate in the inspection and acceptance tests for the supply of "condensation - regeneration" area. We inspect the production of high-pressure and low-pressure heaters, condensers and steel structures. We inspect valves, fittings and pipes.


BRONSWERK Heat Transfer, B.V.

is a Dutch company with more than seven decades of tradition in the manufacture of pressure equipment for the chemical and petrochemical industry and power engineering.

We provide all inspection activities and expediting in the area of the Czech and Slovak Republics.



is a Czech company, which focuses on research and development in the field of nuclear energy.

We provide inspection and expediting of manufacturing steel structures for the Jules Horowitz experimental reactor.


As independent inspectors we cooperate with the inspection organizations:

ATG Inspekta Srl.

The company specialized in technical inspections, based on a 50-year tradition of foreign trade company Inspekta Prague, has been globally recognized by many associations and clients from various fields..


Intertek Group plc.

Worldwide active company that provides to clients a wide range of expertise and access to thousands of qualified specialists worldwide, delivers to clients integrated solutions for ensuring and compliance of quality within the supply chain.


ISI International Inspection Services Geneva

The company operating in the area of product inspection, especially regarding quantity, condition, packing and labeling.