25.08. 2014

We extend our offer of services by performing spectral analysis of materials and hardness measuremen

Spectral analysis of the material (positive material identification) - determining the chemical composition of metal materials by non-destructive method using a portable XRF spectrometer InnovX Delta Professional. Delivery of the test report and the test procedure according to EN and ASTM standards.


The hardness measurement by ultrasonic method UCI - measuring performed by portable hardness tester MIC 10 (GE Inspection Technologies - formerly Krautkramer). The probe used with a load of 98N is suitable for measuring the hardness of the welds in the workshop conditions.



Easy and effective electronic administrative support

    Software provides :

  • electronic management of documents and records, monitoring of important terms,    easy access to current data, especially for metrology, register and planning of    machine maintenance and for the area of Human Resources
  • easy sharing of important data, because the program is a network application,
  • selective approach of individual employees to the system by petting access rights.

Allowes you to filter the data according to any pre-set filters or use custom filters created by user. All selected data can be printed as excel-files.

The advantage of Supervision software is affordability for small bussinesses.

  • No problem in communication with existing information systems in businesses.
  • It is user friendly and has intuitive control.
  • The volume of stored data is due to selected system almost unlimited.

SUPERVISION can be modified and edited to suit your needs.


Detailed monitoring of machinery and other equipment, scheduling maintenance and repairs.

The module contains an inventory cards with basic information about the purchase, repair, inspection, repair services, etc. Allows you to record not only the machinery of the whole company, but almost all of its assets. All important documents and certificates of inspection and repair are scanned in the attached files. The module is connected to the futures calendar, where the user is in advance highlighted by the program about any important dates.


Clear evidence of measuring instruments and calibration certificates.

Includes registration cards of meters, where are recorded all used and discarded instruments. Certificates are scanned in the attached files, anytime ready to view or print. The combination of this module with the futures calendar allows the user to watch all the terms of calibration at intervals that user chooses himself.


The management of personnel administration and planning of training.

The module is monitoring all terms of personal certificates, certificates, licenses and necessary staff training, and in connection with futures calendar watches necessary dates of requalification.


An electronic diary, which is connected to all other modules.

It watches all the important dates defined by user. The module can be defined to watch any other important activities and duties, which have nothing to do with previous parts. For example, records related to the environment, government reports, etc. The user may include into calendar dates such as monitoring inspections for the reserved equipment, hydrants monitoring, control and inspection of company cars, watches the terms of contracts, etc. The module is a useful tool in aspect of substitution individual company employees.